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Belisa by Lunata Cordless 1-inch Titanium Flat Iron

Here I’m going to talk about the Belisa by Lunata cordless 1-inch flat iron.

Yes, it’s cordless hair straightener that is pretty sleek and sexy.

It’s got a lock button, just open it up and you’ll see the two gold one-inch titanium plates that heat up to get your hair ready for a night out on the town.

Belisa-battery-operated-cordless -hair-straightener

There are just three buttons, power plus and minus is where you can increase the temperature from 200 degrees to 420. It heats up in 10-degree increments.

200 might be just for quick touch-ups, while 400 is if you really need to do your hair.

You just press and hold the power button to turn it on. It gets to 420 degrees in about 60 seconds.

You just press the up and down buttons as needed if you want to adjust the temperature. When you’re done press and hold the power button. Push up the little lock switch and that will keep it locked and then you put it into the heatproof sleeve.


The buttons are underneath of the handle, which takes a little getting used to but results in a much cleaner exterior.

The outside doesn’t get too hot to the touch, which is pleasant if you touch the top by accident.

You can put it right into a bag or backpack and take it with you. Even the exterior doesn’t get too hot. It is a bit hot to the touch, but it’s not too hot.

It charges with the included USB-C charging cable. You’ll get about 90% after 45 minutes. You’ll get a full charge after about an hour and that gives you 40 minutes of use.

Based on my hair, which is pretty long, it took about 20 minutes. You get about two hair styling days from one charge.


Or you can style your hair one day and then use it for the rest of the day for touch-ups as you need.

I can really see travelers loving this because you can pop it into your carry-on or your purse when you get to the airport at your destination. You can just pop into the airport bathroom, give yourself a touch-up and head to that big meeting or dinner date. Even if you don’t have time to head to your hotel first.

So it’s a really neat tool.

But even to use in the home, to be able to give your hair some touch-ups virtually anywhere without having to look for a power outlet and then pulling the cord to the mirror and setting yourself up nicely, is a really valuable feature to have.

It’s fantastic because I can style my hair almost anyplace.

If you travel frequently, the cordless function is a must-have that will save you time and money, especially with the supplied sleeve that allows you to transport it in a handbag, backpack, or briefcase.

But even at home, straightening my hair in the bedroom while my hubby showers in the bathroom, or using the large mirror in dining room or the full-length mirror in bedroom closet, sounds perfect.



The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron may be taken with you wherever you go. It’s designed to go with you from home to office, in your vehicle, at the gym, when traveling, and on the road.

The wireless hair straightener heats up to 420°F in 1 minute and has numerous heat settings.

While charging, the Belisa Flat Iron is in use. Fully recharges in 1 hour and provides 40 minutes of use at maximum strength.

With a silicone cover, USB-C charging connection, and dual voltage input lithium-ion 4000 mAh batteries for international use. Take your rechargeable, battery operated hair straightener with you wherever you go!

The one-inch rose gold titanium plates on this full-size hair straightener ensure even heat dispersion. Silky, snag-free style is guaranteed.

A one-year warranty against manufacturing defects is provided by Lunata.


User review:

I’ve always believed the Belisa by Lunata Cordless Flat Iron was a fantastic opportunity, but I’ve never had the opportunity to check one out for myself.

I was blown away by how quickly it heated up and how cordless it was. I was able to switch it on, heat it up, and start styling right out of the box. The flat iron is fantastic!

It easily straightened out my wavy ends without making my hair feel damaged or dry.

I like this product, but the locking mechanism bothers me. To get the lock to truly click, you have to press in super hard, and to release it, you have to pull really hard, and since it’s in such a little tight location, I have to use my nail to force it into locking. I wish locking and unlocking was easy and less of a bother.

Apart from the locking issue, there were no other problems. I adore this flat iron and the silicone holder that comes with it.

On the first use, you can tell how high-end and great this is.

This product is fantastic! First and foremost, there is no cord. I went from room to room doing my hair as I strolled around the home.

The battery and temperature are displayed on the digital screen. As it heats up, you can keep an eye on the numbers to see when it hits your desired temperature.

It heats up rapidly and has a stylish exterior. It’s simple to handle and operate. With no pulling, my hair came out straight and smooth.

This product is incredible!

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