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Best Flat Iron For Thick And Black Hair

If you have thick hair or if you are a black woman, you will love this flat iron.

It will be the best option for you.

It’s Sedu Professional 1½ inch hair straightener.

Another great option is this great 2 inch flat iron.

It has wide plates, which is very good for thick haired girls, because it covers a lot of area in a short amount of time.

So if you’re a woman that doesn’t want to take a long time on doing your hair and you have thicker hair and if you want it straight in a shorter amount of time, I would definitely suggest looking for a straightener with a wider plate like this one.

Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair

It just will really cut the time down by a lot.

It gets up to 410 degrees, so it gets really hot, almost it gets too hot. For that reason, you be must be very careful and also use a heat protector.

It’s a ceramic plate so it’s not gonna damage your hair as non ceramic ones would. The ultra-smooth plates come with tourmaline technology.

Best Flat Iron For Black Hair

I really like the plates on this flat iron because it just kind of glides through the hair nicely. When you grip it, it’s not gonna make that jerking motion and make those dents.

It has superior heat up and recovery time, meaning heats up really fast and cools down really fast, which is important because if it takes forever to cool down and you want to throw it in your bag or something, you can’t because it’s on fire and it’s gonna burn your bag and everything inside it.

It has adjustable temperature control – 250ºF, 280ºF, 320ºF, 360ºF and 410ºF, dual-voltage, 9-foot professional length, rotating swivel cord and 60-minute auto shut-off.

You only have to run it through your hair one time. You don’t have to sit there going through it over and over again!

The only downside about this straightener is that you can’t curl your hair with it because the ends are just too squared off. You need a rounded edge to get those nice curls.

This ultra lightweight iron is designed to smooth and tame hair for a sleek style and to reveal your hair’s natural shine, which it definitely does.

It immediately seals the hair follicles for perfectly smooth strands and healthy-looking style.

The quality of this flat iron is amazing. Some people say they have it for 13 years! Unbelievable!

So this is the best straightener for medium to thick haired girls who want their hair straight in a short amount of time. Flat ironing your hair can go from 30 to 45 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes!

How well it works? Here is what one lady said about it:

“I have extremely high maintenance hair- super curly, thick, coarse, frizzy. It takes about an hour to just wash and dry it, then another 30+ minutes to straighten it. This flat iron has made the quickest job of straightening, and has kept my hair straight for days.”

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Sedu Professional 1½ Inch Flat Iron

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