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Best Treatment For Dry Itchy Scalp

Phyto PhytoPolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment is a unique blend of 100% pure plant extracts and essential oils that exfoliates, purifies and stimulates the scalp to beautify hair at the root.

Each tiny but mighty bottle contains more than 4 pounds of fresh plants and is completely free of preservatives.

It’s a universal treatment for all people whether they have a dry, oily, itchy or prone to dandruff scalp. It is a fortifying boost for limp, lifeless or thinning hair.

PhytoPolleine is like a facial for your scalp.

Best Treatment For Dry Itchy Scalp

How to use

Prior to shampooing, apply a few drops to the scalp then massage gently. Leave on for 20 minutes while you relax and unwind, then cleanse and condition as usual.

Remember, PhytoPolleine is a go to skin care inspired product you can recommend to anyone.

You have normal scalp? It’s healthy, free of dandruff, irritation or other hair disorders?

Lucky you! Still, you should be careful to avoid unsuitable products that could upset its balance.

To keep your scalp healthy and prevent problems, I recommend this product to maintain an all-weather, all-season state of harmony.

PhytoPolleine is a botanical elixir that stimulates the scalp. This pre-shampoo treatment is a hundred percent botanical base and contains essential oils such as eucalyptus and cypress, along with corn germ oil to provide a real boost and restore balance.

Your scalp will thank you for this all natural treatment!

The scalp is to hair what earth is to plants – the source of life. When you use PhytoPolleine you help maintain its equilibrium. Try PhytoPolleine as a once-a-week treatment for five weeks.

I also recommend you supplement the treatment with Phyto Paris products designed for your hair.

PhytoPolleine is one of the most popular hair products.

I truly feel if you have a scalp issue, you should be using this product.

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Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp!

This cult classic elixir is made from 100 percent pure and natural essential oils specifically formulated to regulate the scalp and energize hair.

This is the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from an unbalanced scalp.

This powerful treatment removes build-up and stimulates hair growth.

PhytoPolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment is an essential foundation for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

The ingredients in the product easily penetrate the scalp to stimulate growth and vitality. The elixir normalizes the seborrheic flow to improve dry or oily scalp. It also restores the nourishing substances that your scalp needs to keep a healthy balance.

This treatment contains 72% essential oils of rosemary, cypress, eucalyptus and lemon as well as 28% corn germ oil.

The role of essential oils:

  • tone the scalp
  • stimulates microcirculation
  • purify the scalp
  • regulate excess sebum

Corn oil extract:

  • soothes with a cooling sensation
  • calms the scalp
  • soften and tones the hair bulbs

This product is recommended for weak, dry, anemic hair as well as scalp imbalance and itchiness and irritation.

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