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Cortex Professional Steamliner Vapor Iron Review

What sets this iron apart is the oil infusion technology. As you pass the iron over your hair, your hair heats up and the hair shaft opens, and then this steam delivers Cortex Professional Argan Infused Conditioning Formula directly into your hair.

The result is unbelievably silky, shiny, and ultra smooth hair! At the same time, you will be replenishing the hair follicle with the nutrients.

The iron has two steam settings ans six temperature settings so you can really customize this iron to what works for your hair type.

If you hair is thicker, coarser, you probably want more steam and a high temperature. The max temp on this iron is 450 degrees which is really good for use with keratin treatments or keratin treated hair.

Another great feature is the automatic temperature lock. This makes sure that the iron maintains a consistent heat the entire time you are using it.

You can choose to use this flat iron with or without steam setting. Without the steam setting it works just like regular flat iron.

If you are going to use it with the steam, you need to make sure to fill up the tank first before you plug the flat iron in. So you fill the tank by unlocking it. In the back there is a little rubber cap that pools open and you can fill the Moroccan Argan condition formula in there. Once, it’s full, replace it back into the iron, make sure it is locked, choose your steam setting, and your temperature setting. Give the iron 30 to 60 seconds to heat up and then you are good to go.

The directions specifically point out not to use water or anything else other than the Argan oil. If you do so, you risk damaging the tool.

Vented tourmaline-ceramic plates infuse your hair with therapeutic oil while ionized technology keeps hair smoother longer.

The iron is lightweight with ergonomic design and has cool tips for easy styling. A 9’ burn-resistant textile and swivel cord that makes it really easy to use.

Reviews of Cortex Professional Steamliner Vapor Iron show that women really love this product. For example, an African-American woman with relaxed hair said that her hair is so smooth that she can go months without needing to visit a salon. Other lady said: “This is now my staple tool for straightening my hair hands down.”

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