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Elchim Professional Styler Review

Do you desperately need a new hair straightener?

You won’t make a mistake if you try out this great flat iron.

A friend of mine has been using a GHD straightener  for over ten years and one day it finally stopped working.

She thought that no other flat iron would be able to come close.

Well, after trying Elchim Professional Styler 1”, she is not thinking about any other tool!

Elchim Professional Styler 1''

It is really incredible for straightening hair as well as creating flicks and curls.

The floating plates slide through hair amazingly effortlessly, without snagging like some other straighteners do.

You will also finish styling your hair faster than usual.

At the end, your hair will be smooth, glossy and, most importantly, the straightness will stay all day!

There are lots of really good features.

Negative ions and infrared rays are emitted by special ceramic and titanium oxide plates. This helps create an ultra-smooth finish by perfectly sealing the cuticles. This is achieved even on the frizziest and driest hair.

The tool heats up to the desired temperature in about 17 seconds, from 203 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit (95 to 235 degrees Celsius). This means that the styler can also be used on keratin treatments.

A perfectly-modulated heater has digital control and the temperature can be selected in 10-level increments, giving you eleven temperature settings.

Easy viewing of the temperature is made possible by an LED display.

It is really useful that you can change the temperature by an up and down arrow, so there is no chance to accidentally change the heat like on irons with a dial.

There is also an advanced MCH Electronic System that maintains a constant temperature of the plates, making sure that the same, uniform, heat comes in contact with hair.

The tool turns off after 60 minutes of non-use, giving you peace of mind and longer life of this iron.

Worldwide (110 – 220) dual voltage flat iron for use in all countries.

It is light weight and ergonomically designed with 360 degrees 9.5 foot swivel cord.

All these amazing characteristics speak for themselves, allowing you to create every kind of look you desire.

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