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Foxybae Electric Hair Straightening Brush Review

Here you will find out about an amazing electric hair straightening brush Foxybae.

Women are blown away at how easily, quickly, and well this product straightened their hair.

The results are spectacular!

To begin with, here is an official video from the manufacturer:


So this is my natural hair, straight out of the shower. It takes me like hours to straighten my hair, so it’s not even worth it for me.

This is my hair right when I wake up in the morning.

This is my hair out of the shower.

If I try to use a heating product like a straightener, it just looks very flat.

My curl pattern is a 3 B so it’s pretty difficult for me to manage.

I try to use like root lifters and dry shampoo.

It’s too hard to style.

It’s kind of just dead, which is every girl’s worst nightmare.

My hair is so hard to deal with that I just gave up.

So this is a straightening brush by Foxybae. I like the packaging.

electric brush that straightens hair

So this is the Foxybae brush.

And it’s literally a brush.

Wait! This is supposed to straighten my hair?

This is going to straighten my hair?

Oh my god, wow!

Oh wow!

My hair is so straight and shiny!

It’s amazing!

This is so cool!

I’m so in love with this brush!

Love how this is just like a brush, I feel like chilling, watching TV and just do it at the same time, not worrying about burning myself.

This is freaking amazing. My hair has never been so smooth and soft. I like it.

This is amazing!

I literally can’t believe it works!

My hair looks amazing!

I love how with this brush my ends are really smooth. Usually with with a flat iron, they get all frizzy.

I’m very impressed!

This is so much quicker than a flatiron!

Oh my god!

I love it. I can use it all the time.

Now here is a review of this great electric straightening brush from a user:

Today I’m gonna show you how to get super straight hair, super quick, super easy.

Today I’m gonna be showing you and talking to you about the Foxybae straightening brush in rose gold.

I’ve seen a lot of these straightening brushes all over Instagram and on YouTube and it seems like these honestly take a lot less time to straighten your hair which is good by me because normally when I
straighten my hair it takes like 45 minutes to an hour.

I have a pretty stubborn hair that doesn’t want to be straightened ever. Basically it always turns into like this situation and I have pretty thick hair surprisingly, you wouldn’t think so since I dye and brush it all the time but it’s thick and it’s crazy and it takes forever.

So anything that can cut that time in half that’s great. I hate doing hair.

So I’m really excited about this. I’ve used it a couple times before this video. I wanted to kind of get to know the product, it was like a first impression situation but I will tell you that this thing is a game changer!

So this is the straightening brush right here. It is rose gold, it has pretty little detailing on the side.

electric hair straightening brush foxybae

One thing I really like about this one is that it has an LED screen. I just thought that was really fancy, it just felt a luxurious. So I thought that was really awesome.

On the sides of the brush it has like the on button. Just press it on and there goes the LED screen and it just starts heating up automatically to 350 degrees but you can toggle that with the plus and minus line, depending on what temperature you are wanting to go to.

It then obviously looks pretty standard to a typical brush. One thing that I really appreciate about this is that it has like this little barrier at the bottom here that kind of prevents it from touching your scalp.

When I was first trying this out I was a little bit nervous that it would burn me because when you get really close to your head with a blow-dryer, it just kind of hurts, like that heat hurts your head.

So I was really nervous about this product doing that but since it has a barrier, it doesn’t ever touch your scalp and there is no like crazy heat feeling sensation, it doesn’t bother me at all. This one is actually extremely nice and doesn’t hurt me so obviously I like that.

It also has a little grip situation going on here but it’s very comfortable to hold and it’s not too heavy. It also has the swivel cord so that you can brush your hair from all sorts of crazy angles and it swivels around so it’s never an awkward angle.

I really like the format of this brush. I really like the design of it and I really like the result of it too, so I
wanted to show you how it all works.

Just quickly before we jump into the actual tutorial a demo situation, I’m just going to read to you on the back how it works so we can be a little bit more familiar with what’s going on in the product.

“Foxybae infrared and tourmaline technology heats purely and quickly from within which is scientifically proven to condition your hair while straightening, enhancing shine and eliminating frizz. Heating up to a safe 450 degrees in mere seconds. Simply brush your hair to distribute the heat and
straighten without damaging your tresses in the process.”

So one thing that I do want to add to that before I finish reading the rest, the tourmaline in this, I use a lot of tourmaline heating products and it does really help with the shine and integrity of your hair. When I went to school at Aveda we had a lot of tourmaline products, hair care and skincare, and it’s all just really good things.

So whenever I see like heating tools or skin problems or hair or any of that having tourmaline or be infused with tourmaline somehow that immediately draws my attention and I get excited about.

heated hair straightening brush

It says:

“For best results use only on dry, brushed hair.” It is really important to remember to brush your hair
before using this product because it doesn’t do well with like getting out the knots of your hair. It’s just kind of set up like a hairbrush format, to kind of distribute the heat evenly and straighten your hair more evenly, it’s not an actual hair brush. So very important to remember that because I didn’t read this the first time and it was like it’s not working.

“Brush slowly in a pulling motion and make sure your hair gets the deep into the inner part of the brush.” That’s another important thing to remember because the bristles are pretty long on this brush and again like I said I was pretty nervous to use this because of the heating so close to my scalp but you don’t want to just kind of lightly go over it because then it’s not going to do anything, like you do when you get your hair fully immersed in the hairbrush

There’s actually a lot of benefits to using a straightening brush rather than a typical straightener or flat iron. The features on this one said that it was supposed to give you “straighter, shinier hair” due to the tourmaline technology, lock in moisture, it says “the infrared technology dries hair from the inside out,
locking in moisture and reducing frizz.”

I need that in my life!

Faster styling, also definitely I need that in my life because I hate doing my hair. I hate spending time on my hair. I mean after doing like your makeup for two hours, to spend another hour on your hair, oh my goodness. “Healthier hair, smooth finish and ease-of-use.” So all good things going on here.

I’m just gonna show you guys how it works. It’s pretty standard but let’s do it.

It also came with this little heat protectant glove and two of these little clippies so I’m just going ahead and clip up my hair.

I’m just going to take the brush and just run it through my hair super slowly and voila, super straight. Easy as that.

When you are brushing through the hair super slowly, you don’t want to keep in one place like this because it will do the same thing that your standard flat iron will, kid of leave crinkle in your hair so don’t keep it in one place, just brush it through your hair.

So in less than two minutes, this is just a quick brush throughout the front half of my hair. You can see the difference for yourself.

I was timing is and it took under seven minutes to straighten our entire head. That’s insane! That’s ridiculous, in a good way

I did my hair in oil last night because it was feeling a little a little dry and crusty, but I do think that this did actually help with some additional shine going on. My hair is hydrated, is healthy is happy.

Like I said earlier my hair always does a little wavy situation, it’s a little bit more tame with this rather than my regular flat iron, but my hair always has a little kink in it and it might be because I live in Texas and is so super humid.

So anyways that is my little spiel on the Foxybae electric straightening brush.

Here is one more review on this excellent heated brush:

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