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Very Good Flat Iron That Makes Hair Silky & Shiny

Do you intend to change the model of your hair straightener?

Are you interested in a very good flat iron that makes hair silky and shiny?

You can’t go wrong with the NuMe Megastar, according to the rumor mill. The versatile styling tool allows you to style your hair in any fashion you like. This flat iron has you covered, from Kim Kardashian’s sleek straight hair to Zendaya’s soft curls.

It has the ability to change your everyday hair into Hollywood-worthy hairstyles in a single step.

Sounds, too good to be true.  That’s exactly what I was thinking. So, before I make any suggestions, I thought I’d give this flat iron a try.

So, did I fall in love with NuMe Megastar? 

It’s a terrific purchase for women who like to experiment with their hairstyles. This tourmaline ceramic gadget wins all the points for functionality and performance, from its programmable temperature control to its inbuilt heat strip.

It does, however, fall short in very few aspects, which may scare some people off.

Do you want to know what they’re? Continue reading to find out!

flat iron that makes hair shiny

Upsides and Downsides

What I liked about it:

  • Lightweight and simple to operate.
  • The temperature can be changed.
  • A flat iron that also allows you to curl your hair.
  • A swivel power cord that allows you to move around freely.

What I didn’t liked about it:

  • It’s quite costly.
  • It would be nice if it had a cool tip handle.

The NuMe Megastar’s Features

very good flat iron

Let’s take a look at its main features:

  • Ceramic plates made entirely of pure tourmaline.
  • Negative ion conditioning technology is backed by an ion booster.
  • Floating plates of 1 inch
  • Temperature control and digital display
  • Auto-shutdown

flat iron that makes hair silky

Is The NuMe Megastar a Great Investment?

Yes, it is. NuMe Megastar gets a 4.5/5 from me since it fits all of the criteria for a high-quality flat iron. It also performed well in terms of results, usability, and functionality. In my opinion, all of these features make it an excellent styling tool.

NuMe is a well-known name in the industry. The Nume Classic Curling Wand and the NuMe Signature Blow Dryer are other favorites.

The following is a summary of my final score:

5/5 for ease of use

The power cord on this flat iron is 8ft 9 inches long, ensuring that your actions are unrestricted. This feature’s flexible swivel cord is an added plus. It lets you style your hair without having to deal with a tangled power cord.

Aside from that, the design is practical. If you have little hands, you’ll appreciate how light it is and how straightforward it is to control. Furthermore, the digital temperature display makes it easy to regulate the hairstyling process.

flat iron that doesn't pull hair

4/5 for durability

If you’ve ever purchased a NuMe product, you’re aware that their hair styling devices come with a 1-year limited warranty. Given the exorbitant price tag, one might think this is a silly excuse. Megastar, on the other hand, appears to be a long-term investment.

The temperature control and auto shut off feature keep the flat iron from overheating. As a result, it has a longer lifespan because it does not overheat. Furthermore, the extra-long cord prevents the wire from becoming worn out as a result of frequent pulling by the owner.

5/5 for heat output

Because of the digital display function on the NuMe Megastar, the heat output may be easily controlled. It has an infrared integrated hot strip as well as tourmaline ceramic plates. These two features ensure that the heat is always kept under control.

4/5 for price

NuMe Megastar is on the more expensive side of the spectrum. As a result, you may believe it is out of your price range. However, I believe its effectiveness and efficiency bring value to the investment.

5/5 for options

If you’re attempting to find for a flat iron that has a wide temperature range, this is the device for you. It allows you to set the temperature of the styling tool from 190°F to 450°F. This adaptability enables you to achieve salon-quality hairstyles with ease.

It’s ideal for all hair types and textures thanks to the customizable heat.

5/5 for power

This device is elegant and beautiful, and it only uses 26 watts of power. When you style your hair, you won’t have to worry about the electrical bill. In addition, the dual voltage mode 110-240V makes it ideal for travel.

The Big Picture of NuMe Megastar

flat iron that curls and straightens

NuMe Megastar is a pleasure to use because it is quick, simple, and easy to glide. Beginners and professionals alike will appreciate the sleek design and extended cord. Furthermore, the temperature options are suitable for all hair types. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your hair being damaged.

More importantly, this flat iron is made to improve the performance of your hair straightener. This guarantees that you have the hairdo you want without any issues. The flat iron’s first feature is its 1-inch floating plates, which reduce snags when in use. Furthermore, the rounded edges accommodate your curling needs.

Second, there’s the cutting-edge ceramic and tourmaline plate integration. The heat distribution within the ceramic plates is controlled by the ceramic plates. This prevents your hair from becoming scorched as a result of uneven heat exposure. As a result, after you’ve put down the flat iron, your hair will feel smooth and soft.

The tourmaline plates, on the other hand, energize the plates with an enhanced negative to positive ion ratio. It also has the well-known Ion Booster and a non-damaging infrared heating strip. By moisturizing the hair, these properties make it easier to manage frizzy hair.

Overall, having this flat iron on your dresser is a great thing.

How Does The NuMe Megastar Compare?

flat iron that also curls

I think I’ve given you enough information on NuMe Megastar. Now it’s time to put everything to the true test, often known as a comparison analysis.

Can NuMe Megastar compete with the best-selling flat irons on the market?

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Megastar X vs. NuMe Megastar

When it comes to the best features, NuMe Megastar and Megastar X are like cousins. The user-friendly design, tourmaline ceramic plating, beveled edges for curling, and the flexible power cord are all present. The thickness is the only variation.

Megastar X has 1.75-inch floating plates, as opposed to Megastar’s 1 inch. If you have longer long hair, you can get away with the former’s thickness. It ensures that your hair is perfectly straight in one pass.

In conclusion, if you want broader floating plates that can support thick hair, Megastar X is the way to go.

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium vs. NuMe Megastar

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium has a lot to offer to someone who straightens her hair on a regular basis. NuMe Megastar is more slender and longer. It translates to more coverage in less time. Both flat irons get hot enough to use in a small period of time. They also provide a variety of heating settings.

However, the similarities end there because the BabylissPRO Nano is totally comprised of titanium. The metallic body improves heat conductivity and guarantees a strong performance. Some may believe that its quick recovery time and Ryton coating make it a superior device.

Megastar, on the other hand, has a safety auto shut option that I prefer. After all, you don’t want to rely on a flat iron that could overheat if you don’t remember to turn it off.

GHD Gold Styler vs. NuMe Megastar

GHD is one of the most well-known hair styling brands on the market. As a result, it’s only natural that it has all the bells and whistles of a superb flat iron. This one is a keeper for expert hairstylists and normal people like us, thanks to its dual-zone technology and contoured plates.

Megastar, on the other hand, appears to be more user-friendly. It takes less time to heat up, which is handy if you really need to style your hair quickly. It also has a longer shut-off duration, which allows us to produce more creative hairstyles.

Finally, the GHD Gold Styler only heats up to 385°F, which is the ideal temperature. As a result, it won’t work for hairstyles and textures that necessitate a lot of heat.

flat iron that doesn't damage your hair


The Final Word

All in all, the NuMe Megastar is a sturdy snag-free flat iron that checks all the boxes. Not only does it perform admirably as a hair straightener. However, it can also be used as a hair curler. If you enjoy experimenting with your hairstyles, this broad hairstyling range is excellent for you. It’s also a cost-effective way to get a two-in-one hairstyling gadget for the price of one.

I really enjoy how it protects our hair with better tourmaline-ceramic finishing, infrared technology, and Ion Booster. As a result, you can achieve immaculate looks without risking any terrible outcomes. The only disadvantage is that it is pricey. However, if you use your hair straightener on a daily basis and need a trustworthy improvement, this one is well worth the money!

So, are you ready to ditch your old flat iron in favor of the NuMe Megastar?

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