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Flat Ironing Fine Hair For Fantastic Results

Main points from the video:

First what you want to do is section hair. When you take a big section, you are pinching the hair from underneath – this way you are creating a liner crease underneath.

What you should do is section diagonal back. That way the hair is gonna fall in its natural falling position.

The teeth of the comb should be up, flat iron comes in and you start moving even before you start closing. Make sure you go slow and that comb leads you and then bevel.

When you look at that section, you should see movement out of it.

Rather than taking a big clump at once, you should be flatting that top surface.

You will be affecting everything – diagonal back, another slice, comb comes underneath (take what you can handle), compress.

Pay attention to where your right hand is (or left if you are a left handed person). It should be up close to the plates. If you want less compression, your hand should move away from the plates.

So for fine hair, move away from the plates. In case of medium to coarse or curly texture hair, close to the plates. In other words, maximum or less compression.

Why you moving down the flat iron for fine hair and why you are even flat ironing fine hair?

It is done for more polish. You are not relying on your round brush and a blow dryer to give you a complete polish.

You are relying on flat iron and comb or a round brush to create polish.

You move slowly; your rate of speed will determine the success of your flat ironing skills. Sometimes you pass too quickly; you should pass each section once, maximum twice.


My two cents!

When buying a straightener for fine hair, keep in mind the following tips.

– Know your hair type. If you have fine straight hair, there is no need to spend money on a straightener with maximum temperature settings. Ceramic irons are best in the case. If you have fine curly hair, then an iron with temperature settings is recommended. Best option are titanium or tourmaline irons.

– Avoid an iron that gets very hot. You don’t need that much heat to straighten your fine hair. Get one with a minimum of 175ºF and maximum 300ºF. Start out as low as possible. If you find that you need more heat, gradually increase it by a few degrees until you find the one that is best for you without causing damage.

– Plate size is important. Choose one with smaller plates – 1 inch or 1.5-inch. You will be able to straighten hard to reach parts, such as roots and bangs.

Flat iron sizes

Recommended flat irons

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