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Flat Irons and Hair Color

If you are using a flat iron and you are also coloring your hair, you really need to watch this video created by a celebrity hairstylist in West Hollywood, Guy Tang.

It will shock every woman!

The video reveals how using hair straighteners the wrong way for just 5 seconds can ruin your hair color!

In other words, it shows the extent to which hot iron can wash out your color.

The difference in the color can even be observed after just three seconds.

Tang’s intention is not to persuade women to stop using heat styling tools but to stop them from turning their tools up to the maximum heat.

This is even more important to know if you are following the latest trend of vibrant hair colors, such as blue, violet and pink, because they have a shorter lifespan than usual colors.

When you turn up your appliance up to 400 degrees, you will see how the pigment drastically fades after seconds of contact with the tool.

In the video, Tang took a weft of purple-gray hair and then clamped it with a flat iron that had been heated to 400 degrees.

He counted to five and the color had been faded to blond!

color fading by using flat iron

He did some more tests with permanent and demi-permanent dyes, and the results were the same.

Even one second is enough for significant damage to the color!

Tang also said that you can ruin your color by using a blow-dryer that is too hot or washing your hair with hot water.

It is a well known fact that using too hot straighteners or using them too often can make hair frizzier and curlier as well as thin and dull.

Many times women become despair when they notice that their hair starts to fall out. But they do not realize that often hair is simply breaking off due to the use of hot straighteners.

It is true that hair is extremely tough and can withstand a lot of stress. But any heat over 350F is guaranteed to damage the hair cuticle.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that heat protectants are not some miracle products. They can reduce the damage but they cannot protect your hair if you use flat or curling irons every day.

Fortunately, with advancements in heating technology, you can mostly get away with the process without frying off your mane.

That’s why it is critical that you only use top rated flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. The best ones are those with ceramic or titanium plates or those coated in tourmaline.

Also never use your straightener on wet hair (unless you are using wet to dry flat iron), avoid going over the same area more than once and do not straighten the tips because this is the most fragile part of the hair.


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