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Really Good Quality Hair Straightener – HSI Glider Steamer

Today’s post is going to be about a really good hair straightener – HSI Professional Glider Steamer.

It is a new flat iron with fully integrated Argan oil thermal protection steam dispenser.

So it does come with a free bottle of leave-in treatment, which is the Argan oil that provides extra moisturization and protection. You can also use water.

It is a ceramic hair straightener and is one inch.

It has a 360 swivel cord, dual voltage 120/240 volts, it has an auto shutoff and a safety sleep mode.

There is a digital control and it goes from 360 to 450 degrees.


good quality hair straightener


It has flexible floating plates, ergonomic design and a heat balance technology.

Both plates have little grooves through, so these are not solid plates. Sleek rounded shape and floating plates make it perfect for both straightening and curling.

really good quality flat iron

Each ionic-ceramic tourmaline-infused plate has four microsensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat. This means that you will need fewer passes through your hair.

The tool itself is a pretty hefty flat iron. It does have some weight to it, but nothing serious.

Quality Flat Iron That Doesn’t Damage or Pull Your Hair!

How to use this high quality hair straightener:

Take a dropper that is included in the box. Open the bottle of the liquid, stick the dropper in it and pull out some of the fluid.

Take the flat iron and press the release button on it to lift a small compartment and then you would drop the liquid inside. Close it and place it back on.

You can adjust your temperature setting using the digital control to either 360 degrees Fahrenheit or 450 degrees Fahrenheit and you can also turn your steam on or leave it off.

It heats up very quickly and works really well! Here is what one customer said:

“This is the most amazing hair tool I have ever used. It leaves my hair so smooth, shiny and straight. I really recommend it to everyone.”


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