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HairArt H3000 Flat Iron Review

The HairArt H3000 Original Professional 1 3/8″ flat iron is one of very few hair straighteners with the least number of bad reviews.

If you have thick, extremely wavy hair that reacts almost instantly to humidity in the air, you will quickly fall in love with this tool.

This iron works exceptionally well, and hair stays straight for a few days after using it. Your hair will even stay straight during a thunderstorm, which is unheard of for many women.

It heats up quickly – in 15 seconds or less, doesn’t cause hair static, and isn’t too heavy or bulky.

The H3000 has 5 temperature settings and heats up to 410ºF.


When you read user reviews, one thing become obvious – this tool is super sturdy and lasts for long time. Some women used it for 12 years! This is truly amazing. It’s night and day when compared to other straighteners. It is one of the reasons why it is trusted by many stylists.

The ceramic plates (with an automatic sense control system) are one of the best that I have used.

It leaves hair smooth, it is not necessary to go twice over your strands and it doesn’t pull or break your tresses. The edges are not sharp so you can use it to make curls too.

The cord swivels no matter how you twist or turn it. The cords never get tangled.

If I have to find any cons about it, it would be the lack of two things: an automatic shut off and digital temperature setting. But for me that is not a big deal. I always unplug everything.

The price is reasonable for the quality and performance you get. It is a really small investment for years of use.

Give HairArt H3000 a try, you will be hooked!

I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Everyone who borrows it ends up buying one for themselves!

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