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How to Use a Flat Iron to Straighten Your Hair

Here is one thing you must know from the beginning – 50% of your results depend on the flat iron you use, the other half depends on the proper usage of the tool.

In other words, only if straightener is used appropriately you will be satisfied with the results.

If you are new to using hair ironers or have been using them for some time and have not yet get the desired results, then it is time to learn the proper way to get beautiful tresses.

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Choosing the perfect hot styling tool that will be appropriate for the length and thickness of your hair is the most important part. If you are not sure what to use, seek the help of a professional hair stylist.

Black women use flat irons almost every day. This means they must get a high quality straightener that will not damage their hair from frequent use. For this reason, investing in a more expensive product will be well worth it.

Before you reach for your styling tool, you should prepare your strands by using a product labeled “smoothing.” This will provide necessary moisture.

Always use a heat protection product to create a barrier between your hair and heat. Get product that can protect up to 450 degrees. Serums are better than sprays because they coat strands more efficiently. Find one made with jojoba and argan oil.

Never flat iron your hair when it’s wet. Your hair must be completely dry, otherwise, damage is unavoidable.

The secret to properly using flat iron is to do it in a systematic manner. This means applying heat evenly and the best way to do it is to divide hair into small sections using large clips. Brush or comb your hair before doing this. The thicker your hair, the more sections you will need to create. If you need one more reason for sectioning your hair is that it will save you time. The reason why so many women complain about too long straightening process is that they work with random parts of hair!

Selecting the appropriate temperature can be tricky if you do know your hair type. If you set your flat iron on the lowest heat setting, you may need to go over your hair a few times, which will make the straightening process too long. A higher temperature means that a single pass will be enough. Never pass over the same section more than three times. It will be more damaging to your hair than using a high temperature setting.

Take 1-2 inch of your hair and slowly glide the iron down the hair length. While doing it, apply even pressure and do not stop in the middle. Do not squeeze the plates together hard. If your hair is not gliding freely between the plates, it means that you have too much hair in the section.

Another crucial thing you need to pay very close attention to is the speed at which you are moving the straightener through your hair. If you are doing too quickly, you will not achieve the desired results. On the other hand, if you are doing too slowly, you can damage your hair. To make sure you are doing correctly, count “1001, 1002, 1003” and move the tool according to this speed. You can slow this speed down just a little if you have very curly hair that is hard to straighten. To get the perfectly clean edges, hold the iron at the the end of the hair just slightly longer.

If you want to create straight hair with body, pulling the hair up as you move the tool (not pulling it down). This technique will create volume at the crown. In general, you do not want to drag ¬†your flat iron downwards as you’re straightening your hair. This will result in hair that is flat and lifeless. You should always hold out your hair away from the face horizontally! This will also prevent indentation marks caused by the straightener’s plates.

Once you are done, apply a finishing product, such as a light hold hairspray. But do not apply it on hot hair, wait for it to cool down first. To ensure even application, spray a brush with the product and than comb it through.

Before going to bed, tie your hair up with silk or satin scarf. This will make sure that your ironed style will last longer. Alternatively, you can use a silk or satin pillow case.

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