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Panasonic Nanoe Flat Iron Review

This is a high-tech flat iron that is supposed to do some great things for your hair, but does it live up to its promise?

Find out in this review.

The main feature of this straightener is nanoe technology. What it does?

It collects natural ions from the air and breaks them down into extremely small particles.

In the next step, water molecules combine and hold together these particles.

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The resulting nanoe particles are abundant in moisture. As a matter of fact, they have 1,000 times more moisture than normal ions.


These nanoe particles are infused into the hair while styling.

In other words, this technology takes the outside moisture and puts it on the inside of your hair. It essentially prevents moisture evaporation and damage to hair.

This will protect your hair from heat and brushing as well as make it smoother, shinier and stronger.

Another remarkable feature is advanced temperature control of the plate surface. Other flat irons lose heat when the plate surface touches the hair, lowering the plate temperature. Panasonic Nanoe straightener includes a high-recovery heater that maintains a consistent temp.

Because of this, the durable, ceramic-coated plates boost performance by as much as 35%!

There are five variable heat settings: 300°F, 340°F, 355°F, 375°F and 395°F. The tool automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. It includes a 9-foot cord that swivels.

Plates glide smoothly and hair does not get caught in the flat iron at all.

The build quality is among the best I’ve seen. It look like a precision mechanical instrument. Well designed and thought out.


Customer experiences

There are a few complaints about this product.

First, a number of people reported that it completely stopped working after 4-5 months. It just quit working.

Second, some women are not really sure that nanoe technology does anything. They can’t see any difference. They claim that it doesn’t do anything better or more efficiently than other flat irons.

Finally, the main problem for some women is that it is not hot enough. Especially for ladies with lots of hair that is thick and wavy. Even on the hottest setting, the iron does not straighten hair in the first pass. You have to go over the same piece of hair 3-4 times to get it perfectly flat. This is too much time to spend on styling.

Panasonic recommends this iron to be used on damp hair – because it is designed to seal in the moisture. But when using it this way, hair do not come out straight. Hair looks much better when used on fully dry hair.

It has modern and stylish design and is somewhat bulky but it is comfortable to hold in the hand.

One of the cool features is the lock on the side that clamps the flat iron in place. So there is no need to wrap the cord around it in order for it to stay closed.

In the end, I’m on the fence with Panasonic Nanoe – it’s not bad but not great either. It depends on your hair texture. It would be better choice for someone with shorter hair and less of it.

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