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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

If you’ve never used a professional hair straightener before, you are in for something really different.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth makes hair so straight and leaves it with a shiny finish.

However, you must have the right setting for your hair type.

This flat iron gets extremely hot and hits the 450 mark in just 30 seconds.


If you have thick, coarse hair, you can use the 450 setting and you need to run it through your hair just once to get it stick straight. The 1.25-inch premium isotherm titanium plates allow straightening in one pass.

You will cut down the time you spend on your hair in half!

Also, the cushioned plates (giving extra protection to your hair) have beveled edges to prevent demarcation lines.

But why it is called Neuro? Does this name imply intelligence? Yes, it does!

This is due to its SmartSense microchip that regulates the temperature of the plates. This microchip records temperature 50 times per second in order to produce absolutely even heat.

This means that the heat stays consistent, which also means that you only have to run the straightener over sections of hair once because it keeps it at the selected heat.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron is good for all hair types but it is really great for hard-to-straighten, thick, coarse, curly, or frizzy hair. It not only straightens hair but is also great for flips and waves.

There are exterior LCD display, customizable auto shut-off function (set auto shut-off time as per your needs, between 0 to 2 hours) and 9 foot swivel cord (giving you plenty of space to move around ) with a hanging loop.

This flat iron is truly amazing; it is top of the line! But you must be careful with what temperature you use because it can burn your hair. If your hair is thinner or fragile, I suggest using the lower heat settings.

This iron is one of the very best irons I have ever tried! I really love the fast heating time, that I can control my own settings, and the heat recovery is incredible! With every pass, I know I am getting the same temperature with predictable results.

This device is everything you need for perfect styling: it’s smart, strong, and reliable! Thanks to the isotherm technology, titanium is much lighter, strong as steel, yet very gentle on the hair.

And let’s not forget that the titanium doesn’t corrode with product use.

It is a common thing that women who use this tool are getting comments on how healthy and shiny their hair looks.

Stop wasting your time with cheap, low quality flat irons. Hairdressers recommend and use this one.

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