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Sam Villa Textur and Sleekr Flat Irons Review

Textur and Sleekr hair straighteners by Sam Villa are truly unique tools that many stylists love to use.

There are many awesome features you will love.

One of the great features is a rotating temperature control at end of the body so you don’t accidentally turn on and off.


Signature Series Professional 1-inch Textur Iron

Sam Villa Signature Series Professional 1-inch Textur Iron

This texturizing iron is used to increases the volume and texture in hair up to three times. This makes it the best tool for adding volume in fine hair. But it is also great for creating updos, wedding hairstyles, thicker braids, etc.

It’s an amazing way to add volume to your hair without backcombing! In addition, the textured hair is much easier to work with.

The modern textured looks are seen in all the fashion magazines and on the runways and with the Textur flat iron you can do the exact same thing.

Very Good Flat Iron That Makes Hair Silky & Shiny

You can use it to achieve that woven/imprinted look on straight hair that you see on the girls on reality TV shows.

Durable plates are coated with titanium and they evenly conduct heat.

Signature Series Sleekr Professional 1” Straightening Iron


The main feature are rounded plates that don’t snag the hair. Ceramic plates are coated with tourmaline and are ionic, creating extra shine and smoothness.

Features of both Textur and Sleekr:

  • Dual voltage 120/220V
  • Ergonomic handle for all hand sizes
  • Slightly longer body for controlled compression and less wrist fatigue
  • Swivel cord

Special feature is Targeted Temperature Technology. There are three heat settings for all hair types:

  • Low – 375° for fine hair
  • Color-Treated – 392° for most hair types, especially color-treated so that color will not fade
  • High – 410° for highly resistant, natural, kinky hair

This technology ensures that you always maintain the correct temperature within plus or minus 3-5 degrees.

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