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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

This is the irons that women want!

Because it’s ionic, ceramic and tourmaline, you will get smooth, silky, shiny and healthy looking hair.

Even in humid weather, your hair will stay silky smooth for days.

You do not need to stress about the heat or rain making your hair wavy.

Even the most difficult and unmanageable hair looks fabulous after using Sedu Pro.

With this tool, your hair will be up to 3 times smoother and silkier than when with ordinary ceramic straighteners. The combination of true ceramic and tourmaline produces six times more negative ions than standard ceramic flat irons.

Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

It is ranked the best flat iron on the market (not sure by whom).

1 ½” plates of this straightener are amazing – they are SUPER smooth and glossy like glass, so it does not tug your hair at all. It just glides through your hair, without pulling it at all.

Another great thing is that plates do not reach all the way to the very end. So if you go to the hair roots,  it’s not going to burn your scalp.

Since it’s bigger than average flat iron, you get more coverage – you will reduce your straightening time buy at least 25%-30%. But because the straightener is not heavy, you hand will not get tiered.

Adjustable temperature setting goes from 240 degrees F to 410 degrees F. It heats very fast, in about 30 seconds. It has great heat recovery time, meaning it heats up really fast and cools down fast as well. This is important because if it takes a lot to cool down, you can’t put it in a bag or something because it will burn it down.

It straightens hair in just one pass; you do not need to go over it several times.

Sedu Pro Ionic is incredibly lightweight – the body is made of high strength but lightweight composite materials that are often used is aerospace industry.

You can use this tool to curl your hair as well since it has smooth edges, although due to its size it can be a little difficult. You can still create curls that look nice and that stay.

The only thing that is not that great is its gray (almost like faded black) color. It would be awesome if it was pink or blue or some other fun color. Bur for the professional, salon quality you get, this is one small downside.

In my opinion, there are not many flat irons on the market that can compare to this product. Also, other irons can straighten well, but no others can compare in the shine created.

Your friends and colleagues will always be in awe of how gorgeous and healthy your hair looks every day with this gadget.

Even women with Japanesse straightened hair switched to this after seeing how great results one can achieve.

Try this tool and anytime you hear someone needs to buy a new iron, you will recommend this product.

Heat protectant without alcohol

Non damaging flat irons

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