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Sultra The Seductress Flat Iron Review

During my hairstyling career I have tested many hair straighteners, but I was very impressed by Sultra The Seductress flat iron.

It is way better than I thought it was going to be.

It is one of a few tools that leaves hair feeling silky and smooth.

My female colleague is using it at home and she said that no other brand will ever touch her hair again.

Sultra The Seductress
It is a 3 in 1 tool, so you can use it for straightening, waves and curls. The iron has three temperature settings for different hair types: thick (395 °F), normal (380 °F) and fine (370 °F).

The 1” plates are made of Japanese Kyocera ceramic (the strongest, most durable plates on the market), which provide constant, even heat. Infrared rays repair hair while styling it. This makes it perfect for dry, damaged and colored hair.

One of the best features of this iron is that it’s single pass. Even if you never straightened your hair because it’s too long, with this tool, one pass through your hair and you will be done –  no touch up required. It’s lightweight so it’s very easy to use.

Another awesome thing is its incredible heat recovery time. With other ironing tools, you need to give the iron several “breaks” to heat up again while styling.

With many other straighteners, especially cheaper ones, hair is left dead looking. After using The Seductress, you will instantly notice that your hair looks real – shiny, healthy looking. As if your hair is naturally straight and not as if you just straightened it.

It gets hot fast (about 4 seconds) and shuts off after 30 minutes of not being used. This is great function for paranoid women who always question whether they shut the iron off or not.

Another awesome thing is that it has universal voltage! Fabulous for frequent travelers.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I tried many high end brands, but many do not even come close to the effectiveness of the Seductress. It works amazingly good. It will bring you lots of compliments, guaranteed.

The only downside of this straightener is its price. It’s kind of insane to spend $210 on a flat iron, but, as many customers point out, it is totally worth the plunge! I completely agree. This is a very high quality styling tool so it’s well worth the investment.

As one customer said: “This flat iron can only be ripped out of my hands when I am dead.” Another one said: “Where has this been all my life?”


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