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When To Buy A New Flat Iron? How Long Do Flat Irons Last?

Many people think that hair straighteners should be used until they actually don’t work any more.

But, here is a fact that almost all women do not know and many hair stylists as well.

How long do flat irons last? How often should you replace your flat iron?

Flat irons have an expiration date of about four years!

If you start noticing that your hair is unusually dry, it can be that your hair straightener has expired!

Nothing lasts forever, including your flat iron and you should replace it after four years.

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The problem is that the older you straightener is, the bigger the chance for your hair to be damaged.

Old flatiron can negatively affect the condition of your hair. It can cause dry and split ends, and lack of shine.

Of course, how long they last depends on how often you use them, but as a general rule, you should replace them after four years.

When To Buy A New Flat Iron?

Things to Pay Attention to:

How do you know if it’s time to buy a new flat iron?

Three things to look out for:

– Plates do not heat properly. It means there is uneven plate heating. You will know this is happening  when your hairstyle takes longer to achieve or your hairstyle does not hold all day.

– Overheating. This can easily burn your hair.

– Cracked or marked plates.

To make you tool last longer, you need to take care of it. This involves two things:

– cleaning your straightener once a week using cotton wool and nail polish remover or alcohol.

– looking after the cord by folding it in half before you wrap it around your tool.

So, do not wait for the plates to fall out, exposing the wires, to figure it is time for a new one. Why risking starting a fire or being electrocuted?

Not sure which one to get? Read my reviews of the top selling flat irons.

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