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2.4” Wide Plate Flat Iron (Extra Large Titanium Plates)

You’ll thoroughly enjoy the One Control Titanium Flat Iron if you’re looking for a wide plate flat iron.

It was quite beneficial for me, but most importantly, it is controllable and satisfies my requirements.

The GKhair One Control Titanium Flat Iron was released in 2019 and has garnered a lot of wide feedback from hairstylists who have used it.

wide plate flat iron

Hair stylists have hailed it as a must-have device because it was created with professional hair style needs in mind.

With just one button, the One Control Titanium Flat Iron gives you complete control over your hair styling efforts. This flat iron is simple to use and has some wonderful properties that distinguish it from previous styling products.


The titanium plates on this iron are extra large, measuring 4.7 inches long and 2.4 inches wide (12cm x 6.15cm).

Because of the size of its plates, this iron is suitable for all hair lengths and textures.

While styling, titanium plates eliminate frizz and electrostatic charge in hair, resulting in a sleek and flawless result every time.

This flat iron has a temperature range of 248°F to 450°F (120°C to 232°C) and is strongly advisable for expert use.

Multi-gear temperature control and touch-tone smart temperature control are also included. It also has a dual voltage option, a safety lock for simple storage, and a 360-degree swivel cord to make the styling process more easier.


Why I Like One Control Flat Iron?

This flat iron is one of my favorites because it is both large and light. It also appeals to me because it has a single button that regulates everything and is so smooth that it does not tug the hair.

It’s great for any hair type, but it’s much better on long and curly hair. It makes my job easier and more efficient. I enjoy how there is only one control for everything, such as changing the heat level.

The GKhair One Control titanium wide plate flat iron is absolutely fantastic. I can turn it on and regulate the temperature with only one button touch. With a plate size of 2.4 inches, it can reach 450 degrees if necessary and is a compact iron that captures more area on the hair. My ironing time is cut in half, and my hair is shining and silky.


It’s simple to use and leaves your hair looking lustrous and sealed. Because of the large size, it’s ideal for keratin taming.

The one-touch feature is simple to use and speeds up the smoothing process behind the chair! The larger plates are perfect for managing longer hair lengths! It’s an indispensable tool!

This tool is ideal for both curly and straight hair, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and design. In each instance, regardless of how resistant the hair texture is, it assures the same ideal results.


This flat iron also lowers styling time in half thanks to the wide large plates and touchtone intelligent temperature control, making it more suitable for salon use.

Titanium plates are particularly effective because they have the capacity to evenly and continuously transmit heat while also sealing in moisture in each strand.

Titanium plates are incredibly safe and, as a result, help to protect hair from heat damage. Titanium plates are also suitable for all hair types, making them an excellent investment.


Allow your hair to benefit from cutting-edge technologies, such as extra-wide plates that evenly smooth hair and extend the life of styled straight hair.

It’s an excellent choice for long, thick hair because the plates are wider, making straightening easier.

Its sleek form makes it ideal for use as a multi-purpose hair device, allowing you to straighten and style your hair with just one control straightener.

large plate flat iron

It has a single button for temperature adjustment, making it simple to use. Furthermore, you may select the appropriate temperature setting, which ranges from 90°C to 232°C / 195°F to 450°F and is excellent for all hair types.

Reduce the danger of hair damage by using titanium plates, which protect the hair from possible harm.

Quality Flat Iron That Doesn’t Damage or Pull Your Hair!

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